Six Reasons to Choose Our Firm for Your Immigration Matters 


High Approval Rate
Our firm has been maintaining high approval rate and has a proven record of 98.78% approval rate for 2017 for USCIS applications and PERM applications filed with the Labor Department.  Our high approval rate is not because we only take easy cases but because we take the time and efforts to get each case approved with the successful strategies developed by our firm. The cases we successfully represented for include those having complicating issues, such as, criminal records, immigration violations, and cases denied one or more times.
Refund Policy
Approval or denial is the only result for immigration cases, and a client loses money, time, and sometimes even a hope when his or her case is denied.  Acknowledging the importance of our job, we have been dedicating ourselves to achieve successful results for our clients. As a result, we could maintain high approval rate and build proven strategies for successful results.  With confidence in our expertise, we provide “Refund Policy” for the cases, we believe, can be approved with our assistance. If the case prepared under the refund policy is denied, 100% full attorney fee will be refunded.
Experienced Attorneys
Our attorneys are experienced professionals having expertise on U.S. immigration laws, and all of our cases are reviewed and managed by the attorneys. We believe no one can successfully represent a client for immigration matters without a comprehensive knowledge of immigration laws and policies, because they are very complex and there is much confusion as to how they work.  Our legal professionals are familiar not only with the federal regulations but also the precedent cases of AAO (Administrative Appeals Office) and the U.S. federal courts as well as the policies of the federal government agencies such as the USCIS and the U.S. Department of Labor and keep up-to-date with the recent changes.  We also have long-years of experience and success strategies for all different types of immigration cases.
Quality Legal Services
Our mission is to secure successful results through high quality legal advocacy, and we pursue the mission through accurate legal advice and aggressive representation. Our preparation not only includes providing a list of required documents and completing forms, but also includes unlimited legal advices and drafting ancillary documents, such as, affidavits, petitioner letters, reference letters, etc. Our drafting of such documents is one of our special services, because most law firms just provide templates or guidelines and request clients to draft themselves. As a legal representative, we communicate with the USCIS regarding any issues and delays during the process and also respond to their requests until the final adjudication. After the approval, we will guide you about the approved status, so that you can avoid immigration violations in the future.
Competitive Flat Legal Fees
Providing quality services takes much time and efforts, and a higher level of quality results in higher attorney fees. However, we know high fees are huge burden to our clients.  To provide quality services with reasonable costs, our firm implemented an optimized system for all types of immigration cases. So, you can enjoy the benefits of individual advice, guidance, and assistance of an experienced attorney for your specific needs with reasonable attorney fees. Moreover, we charge flat fees for most cases, where our firm responds to the USCIS’s requests like RFE (Request for Evidence) and NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) without additional charge until the final adjudication.
Effective Communication with an Attorney
We respond to all our clients’ inquires within 24 hours (except holidays and weekends) and provide updates on the case status as it progresses, because effective communication between clients and their attorneys is essential for successful representation.