Employment-based Green Card

Lawyer Kim did great work for my green card process.

I had no clue what the procedures and time frame, but he provided me with accurate scheduling and process of each step. It was blessing to have Lawyer Kim to work on my green card processes.


Extremely meticulous experts

I worked with Mr. Woon Kim and Elite (his assistant) on my marriage immigration case. The process was a breeze. They are extremely meticulous and are experts in this field. The first lawyer I had before Mr. Woon Kim did NOT know what she was doing and I am so thankful and happy that I found Mr. Woon Kim. I would recommend him for anyone.


The entire group was very professional

We hired Mr. Woon Kim and Ms. Ellie Kim to help with my husband’s green card application earlier this year. We were, in fact, recommended to contact them by another couple with the same situation. From the first meeting, it was clear that the entire group was very professional. All of our questions and concerns were answered with expertise and all of our documents checked thoroughly.

They made excellent recommendations and promptly submitted our application. Though the process was long and had multiple components, I never felt like I couldn’t ask Ms. Ellie Kim for information. She was always ready to email me back or answer my phone calls (even during lunch time). My family and I are most appreciative of their wonderful customer service and would happily recommend them to anyone looking for any legal immigration assistance.


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Saved my daughter and son

In 2007, the green card applications for our adopted son and daughter were denied by the USCIS.  I have been taking steps to get green cards for my adopted children since 2003 and we had to change attorneys 3 times to resolve the frustrating situation before we met Mr. Kim. When I met Mr. Kim, I was devastated and hopeless and felt like it is the end of the road.  Honestly, I came to him as a last resort.  At first I was hesitant, seeing how young he was.  I naturally thought that he would not have enough experience.  However, during the first meeting, I realized that my worries were foolish.  He was as composed as a noble elderly, breaking down our case with an eagle eye for logical analysis. He said it was a difficult case but had a chance of approval which still gave us a hope. After only about 6~7 months, my children were approved for green cards. It was like a miracle to all of us. I really appreciate the sincere and excellent job he has done for our family.


Thorough in the preparation.

I received my green card in February of 2013 through EB2.  Choosing an attorney was the biggest worry for me at first.  I read many reviews on the local attorneys.  I learned about Mr. Kim in a popular online Korean community forum.  His reviews were very positive.  I also heard many positive comments from my friends.  During our initial meeting, I felt that his solutions on the approach of the case were not like other attorneys I met before, so I decided to retain him to begin the EB2 process in November of 2011.  During the process, he never exaggerated anything keeping me from expecting something that is impossible.  He is meticulous, and looks after the case himself.  He was thorough in the preparation.  As a result, even with unexpected variables happened during the process, I was able to get my green card in February of 2013.  I am very grateful for it, and I strongly recommend Mr. Kim for those who are looking for an experienced immigration attorney.

Excellent job in my H-1B and Green Card cases

I am so very grateful that I met Mr. Kim to handle my immigration matters. I was approved H-1B petitions and my family and I received green cards with Mr. Kim’s excellent representation. Words cannot express how thankful I am.  I applied for H-1B four years ago where I retained Mr. Kim about four years ago.  My husband and I were very nervous because we were in F-1 status for almost 10 years.  In addition, my employer was a brand new company in Atlanta.  Many different factors made us nervous.  I wasn’t sure if I can even try to get a green card though this employer.  However, at the first meeting, I was able to put my trust in him.  The fact that I didn’t have to worry about the employer’s part in the process relieved me from much stress.  I knew from the beginning why my employer had recommended Mr. Kim.  After the approval of H-1B petition, he prepared us for the Visa interview overseas.  Many people around us told we wouldn’t be able to get an H-1B visa, because we had stayed in the U.S. under F-1 status for so long.  However, Mr. Kim spoke very positively about the approval of the Visa, and indeed we were approved.  It was my husband’s first trip to our home country in 10 years.  Because I could not work for several months due to maternity leave, I was not financially ready for my next step.  The service provided by his staff was also excellent.  Regular communications and follow-ups kept me informed and I really didn’t have to worry about my case.  I always recommend Attorney Woon Kim to people looking for immigration attorney, but I noticed he already has good reputation in Atlanta.


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Approval of H-1B and EB

I retained Mr. Kim for my H-1B and EB processes, which were started at the same time.  It was so stressful to me because my employment in the U.S. depended on the approval of the cases. Thankfully, the H-1B petition was selected and approved in no time.  I waited eagerly for my green card in the EB process, and it took exactly 1 year and 4 months to physically get the green card.  He always advised me clearly and accurately.  He explained to me many different options along the way over and over, even if I asked him the same before.  I got my green card approved faster than the estimated schedule he gave us when we started, and I truly appreciate him for that.

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Attorney who I can trust

I was terminated from my employment all of a sudden, and I was in trouble because I need to file transfer documents for my immigration status quickly.  I panicked in worries and needed professional help right away.  My friend recommended Attorney Woon Kim. At the first meeting, he did not try to flood me with information but rather organized the situation to me so that I can understand and prepare step by step.  I felt that he really paid attention to my urgency and frustration.  Throughout the entire pre-filing process, I strongly felt that he was paying attention to every details of my case, which resulted in an approval of my transfer petition.  I felt so confident in his work. I also hired his firm for my EB process and the case was approved without any hassle, and now I became a Legal Permanent Resident.  I strongly recommend Mr. Kim for your immigration needs – an attorney who listens.



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Knowledgeable and always available to discuss

Ever since the start of the EB process, I was worried about many different things that may or may not affect my case.  Mr. Kim was so knowledgeable and was always available to discuss such issues, explaining everything to me in a way that I can comprehend.  I speak highly of him and his firm to all my community members and friends.  I realized afterwards that many people we know were actually denied for green cards, but we received ours in relatively a very short time.  We are very lucky to have Mr. Kim as our immigration attorney, and are very grateful for his excellent services.

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