Saved my daughter and son

In 2007, the green card applications for our adopted son and daughter were denied by the USCIS.  I have been taking steps to get green cards for my adopted children since 2003 and we had to change attorneys 3 times to resolve the frustrating situation before we met Mr. Kim. When I met Mr. Kim, I was devastated and hopeless and felt like it is the end of the road.  Honestly, I came to him as a last resort.  At first I was hesitant, seeing how young he was.  I naturally thought that he would not have enough experience.  However, during the first meeting, I realized that my worries were foolish.  He was as composed as a noble elderly, breaking down our case with an eagle eye for logical analysis. He said it was a difficult case but had a chance of approval which still gave us a hope. After only about 6~7 months, my children were approved for green cards. It was like a miracle to all of us. I really appreciate the sincere and excellent job he has done for our family.