Thorough in the preparation.

I received my green card in February of 2013 through EB2.  Choosing an attorney was the biggest worry for me at first.  I read many reviews on the local attorneys.  I learned about Mr. Kim in a popular online Korean community forum.  His reviews were very positive.  I also heard many positive comments from my friends.  During our initial meeting, I felt that his solutions on the approach of the case were not like other attorneys I met before, so I decided to retain him to begin the EB2 process in November of 2011.  During the process, he never exaggerated anything keeping me from expecting something that is impossible.  He is meticulous, and looks after the case himself.  He was thorough in the preparation.  As a result, even with unexpected variables happened during the process, I was able to get my green card in February of 2013.  I am very grateful for it, and I strongly recommend Mr. Kim for those who are looking for an experienced immigration attorney.